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Are you frustrated at working out in a big box gym?

Do you want to experience a new, innovative, and exotic workout?

If you answered YES to these questions, then Hudson Valley Ambition's Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp is right for you!

Join this transformational journey today and participate in an outdoor boot camp program that will change your life!

It is a comprehensive outdoor exercise program that takes place in a group training setting that is unique, motivating and powerful.


Commit to your transformational journey with other team members, receive nutritional guidance, unorthodox workouts, a 24/7 support system and much more! 


Together we will burn fat, build muscle and transform our bodies! Contact us today and join fellow members of the Hudson Valley as you start your transformation to a healthier you! 

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2022 Huson Valley Chronogrammies Awards!

Coach Naccarato #1 Personal Trainer 

HVA # 2 Gym



  • 8-12 Fat Burning, Muscle Toning/Building Classes

  • Wristband

  • Camper Apparel

  • Nutrition Guide

  • Healthy Habit Coaching

  • Goal Setting Exercise

  • Weekly Message Motivation

  • 24/7 Email/Cell Support for Health, Wellness & Fitness Questions

  • Access to Facebook Support Group

  • Before & After Pictures & Weight

  • Before & After Body Mass Index (BMI) Testing 

  • Chance To Win Camper Of The Month Awards & Prizes

 What Can I Expect Expect At Boot   Camp? 

Over the 45 minute workouts, you'll experience a varied and high intensity body weight workout, designed to improve your fitness and transform your body. You will have 2-3 boot camp workouts each week for a duration of 4 weeks! You will use elements such as hills, benches, stairs, sidewalks and more in your training! Equipment such as agility ladders, cones, resistance bands, dumbbells, sandbags, reaction balls, tires and other items will be utilized as well! 

You will become a member of the family where you'll have the support of others going through the boot camp beside you, motivating and supporting one another as a team.

You will enjoy the beautiful city of Kingston and the different training grounds and scenery it has to offer while transforming your body.


 Expected Results 

Lose Body Fat

Build/Tone Muscles

Increase Muscular Strength

Increase Cardiovascular Endurance

Increase Flexibility & Mobility

Increase Core Strength

Increase in Self-Confidence


 Benefits Of An     Outdoor Boot   Camp! ​

  • Burn more calories

  • Achieve greater results

  • Have FUN working out

  • Become part of a team

  • Form a sense of community

  • Increase self-esteem and well-being

  • Boosted immune system

  • Burst of vitamin D

  • Release endorphins

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Helps battle insomnia

  • Enhances mood

  • Healthier heart rate

  • Decrease chance of heart attack

June Boot Camp! 


4 weeks         









AM/PM:  5/30-6/22
SAT: 6/3-6/24


TUES , WED, THURS AM: 5:30am


SAT: 10am





 Camp Options! 

4 Week Boot Camp

Choose Your Path To Success!

2xs per week (8 workouts)

3xs per week (12 workouts)

Saturdays (4 workouts)

 Add On 

Customized Meal Plan

Drop In Class

Payment Methods: Cash or Venmo

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