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Please meet Chris Torgersen. Chris did a complete 360 and changed his health & fitness around. In the before picture in August 2020 shown on the left, he was 420lbs. In the after picture in March 2021 on the right, he is 245lb

Chris lost 175lbs in 8 months!! Chris kick started his weight loss journey and complete body transformation in August of 2020. He participated in HVA's outdoor fitness boot camp in August and September, losing approximately 50lbs!!!! From there, Chris continued his dedication and efforts in the gym, working tirelessly day in and day out for next 6 months. In addition to his fitness regiment, he adjusted his nutrition and eating habits, to complement his efforts in the gym.

Chris is the definition of "Ambition" and has an incredible work ethic. His HVA family is incredibly proud of him and we can't wait to welcome him back to camp this Spring. Congratulations Chris, let's continue to make progress and transform your life!


Meet Alexis Villa! Alexis joined HVA in August 2020 weighing in at 315lbs. He has completed 6 boot camps with HVA and is finishing up his 7th. Alexis is currently down to 255lbs in April! A total of 60lbs lost!

Outside of HVA, Alexis has been extremely dedicated and motivated. He has been going to the gym, improving his eating habits and got into cycling! Alexis has gone down a shirt size and 2 pant sizes! He fits into old clothes that he thought he would have to donate. Alexis says, " I've felt so much better physically and mentally since I started this whole transformation."


The entire HVA Family is extremely proud of you! Keep up the good work and you will reach your next goal and milestone!



Her before pictures are from then and her afters are from May 2021, where she is now down to 130lbs!  Swipe right for a before and after view and see her amazing progress! Aubrey has completed 7 HVA Boot Camps to date! Outside of camp, she would strength train, ride the bike and do yoga. She followed a keto diet and incorporated some intermittent fasting. This combined approached allowed her to break through barriers & achieve awesome results!

Aubrey lost 30lbs in 9 months, dropped 2 pant sizes and dropped a shirt size or two (depending on the cut haha) But more importantly, she completely changed her body and improved her fitness level! Aubrey is a warrior, a fighter and a leader. She is strong both physically and mentally and pushes herself and everyone around her to be better!    

Keep up the great work Aubrey, your HVA Family is proud of you and you're an inspiration to us all!