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"The experience has been great. The workouts are tough and I like some of the recipe ideas. Plus, Ryan stays in contact with you throughout your program to help guide and keep you motivated. You will see results and feel great along the way!"

"I know I’ve gotten much stronger in just a couple weeks. June 1st, I only did 4 total pull-ups in the 3 sets and by June 15th I was able to do 18 which I thought was a great improvement."

"I loved it! It was a great experience, everyone is so encouraging and there’s absolutely no judgement from anyone. The difficulty increase was nice and easy so it wasn’t like I was being pushed past my limits."

"July camp was great! I can't believe how fast this month went. The increase in difficulty really challenged me, but also showed me my progress throughout the month, and made me a lot stronger. I am looking forward to August!"

"July Camp was a lot of fun! I enjoyed the increased utilization of bands and tires. The Camp provides a great start to the day that keeps participants energized and ready to go."

"I loved the class and felt like each week I was prepared for the increase in difficulty. I’ve tried other group workout classes before but this is the first one that I could actually feel the difference in my body and strength! I always look forward to the next class even when it’s at 5am."

"So fun & glad to have found you and join the team! Looking forward to future months!"

"I enjoyed the increase in difficulty and more strength training! I have never been unhappy with any program you have put out! I think you’re amazing at what you do"

"I definitely love the increase on the difficulty I can see myself pushing a lot harder, but I love it!! I love the challenging part thank for always pushing us to do better!!"

"I absolutely LOVED June boot camp! I loved being able to truly create a team within ourselves. We motivated each other and always kept each other accountable. Coach Ryan really challenged us all outside our comfort zones but made us all better! "Make progress, not excuses!" I can't wait for the future boot camps!"

"The June boot camp was great! Tuesday and Thursday AM sessions were a lot of fun and I appreciated the utilization of bands and weights. I also attended the Saturday sessions which were more fun and a bit more intense which was awesome. The increase in difficulty helped everyone as all campers were able to get an understanding of the exercises and routines. Great Camp experience! Can’t wait for the following months!"

"I’m very happy with the June camp I’ve seen improvement in my physical health. I like the challenges cause I felt I wouldn’t be able to do them but I notice that I’m able to achieve any challenges even if I have to push my self a little more."

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