"The experience has been great. The workouts are tough and I like some of the recipe ideas. Plus, Ryan stays in contact with you throughout your program to help guide and keep you motivated. You will see results and feel great along the way!" 


"I know I’ve gotten much stronger in just a couple weeks. June 1st, I only did 4 total pull-ups in the 3 sets and by June 15th I was able to do 18 which I thought was a great improvement."


"I loved it! It was a great experience, everyone is so encouraging and there’s absolutely no judgement from anyone. The difficulty increase was nice and easy so it wasn’t like I was being pushed past my limits."


"July camp was great! I can't believe how fast this month went. The increase in difficulty really challenged me, but also showed me my progress throughout the month, and made me a lot stronger. I am looking forward to August!"


"July Camp was a lot of fun! I enjoyed the increased utilization of bands and tires. The Camp provides a great start to the day that keeps participants energized and ready to go."


"I loved the class and felt like each week I was prepared for the increase in difficulty. I’ve tried other group workout classes before but this is the first one that I could actually feel the difference in my body and strength! I always look forward to the next class even when it’s at 5am."


"So fun & glad to have found you and join the team! Looking forward to future months!"


"I enjoyed the increase in difficulty and more strength training! I have never been unhappy with any program you have put out! I think you’re amazing at what you do"


"I definitely love the increase on the difficulty I can see myself pushing a lot harder, but I love it!! I love the challenging part thank for always pushing us to do better!!"


"I absolutely LOVED June boot camp! I loved being able to truly create a team within ourselves. We motivated each other and always kept each other accountable. Coach Ryan really challenged us all outside our comfort zones but made us all better! "Make progress, not excuses!" I can't wait for the future boot camps!"

"The June boot camp was great! Tuesday and Thursday AM sessions were a lot of fun and I appreciated the utilization of bands and weights. I also attended the Saturday sessions which were more fun and a bit more intense which was awesome. The increase in difficulty helped everyone as all campers were able to get an understanding of the exercises and routines. Great Camp experience! Can’t wait for the following months!"

"I’m very happy with the June camp I’ve seen improvement in my physical health. I like the challenges cause I felt I wouldn’t be able to do them but I notice that I’m able to achieve any challenges even if I have to push my self a little more."


"June camp has been amazing! It can be tough at times, but I love being challenged each week with a different workout. The support during camp from others has been exactly what I need to get me in the right direction to get back where I want to be with my goals and health! I can't wait for July!"

"June boot camp was amazing! The new activities were so much fun and really got our bodies moving! The increase in difficulty was great!"

"I LOVE THIS S**t!!! Just keep the sessions coming bro. I'm down to get better and have some fun along the way. You are building a true team/family environment and I love every second of it."

"Camp has been an overall great experience. I’ve lost weight, gained stamina, and definitely feel stronger. The team atmosphere also helps build up will power and commitment."

"I love , love , love camp!!!! I want a December class & will commit to a camp every month of the year . It is something I look forward to and has changed my life mentally and physically . I can’t say enough wonderful things about camp and about Ryan . He is an awesome coach and has created such an amazing team atmosphere and really makes camp something to look forward to."


"Camp has been great! You’ve been an awesome coach with an amazing attitude. I’m going to keep telling my friends and hopefully they’ll take a spot next month!"

"I really love Ryan as a coach because he is very motivating and lives by what he teaches . Ryan has a way about him that pushes you to be better which I enjoy .  I don’t want boot camp to end because I am really enjoying it and love the team atmosphere. Ryan also pushes us to be better and I don’t want any months off!! Only thing I’ll say is let us get an extra water break here or there haha other than that love camp so much!!!!!"

"Boot camp is awesome! The morning sessions really help with energy levels throughout the day."


"Ryan is the best fitness coach I have ever worked with. I have spent thousands of dollars at other programs and didn't get half the results in the past. Ryan makes sure the atmosphere at Bootcamp is fun, positive and supportive. I truly look forward to getting up at 530am to come to boot camp and I am not a morning person at all. Ryan makes sure that nobody is left behind and he pays attention and compliments EVERYONE whether you are first or last. He makes sure everyone feels comfortable and will modify workouts if you need it. He also provides nutritional information which is simple , to the point and easy to understand. He also holds you accountable by sending you texts and emails to ensure you come to class and that you are getting the most out of the experience. I love boot camp and I look forward to the second round. I would do boot camp forever if I could!! HIGHLY recommend. Ryan is very professional, resourceful and is a great leader. I am down 2 pant sizes in 4 weeks!"

"I absolutely love camp and Really want it to keep going rain, shine, darkness, cold, indoors or outdoors."

"Ryan has organized such an amazing boot camp experience! The workouts are balanced well and always keep me feeling challenged (and sweating!) If you want a challenge and new workouts that keep you working, this is for you!!!"

"I am in love with this program. I hope there is enough interest to keep things going all year round. Thank you for bringing something so great for the community that we grew up in!"

"Boot camp has been great. Nice working out with others who are looking to improve their health. I have lost lbs and increased my stamina and conditioning."

"Camp is awesome!! Even at 5:15am and in the snow! Great way to wake up and get motivated for the day!"

"I liked everything about camp and love the team atmosphere. I loveee the stations where different workouts are at each one and really enjoy the interval workouts a lot . I feel like I get a better workout when doing those . Camp Is so much fun and the workouts are awesome . I am happy camp started up again and can’t wait for March."

"Helped me get out of an exercise rut I was in and felt healthier only after a few classes!"

"Had an overall great camp! I really liked using the equipment and the “stations” we used some of the days!"

"Always motivating me!! Telling me good job. Helps keep me pushing myself."

"The last couple of months I've been more spread out than usual. Things at work, at home in my relationship, and other outside factors have been taking up more of my mental space than I'd like to admit. I needed the extra push that you gave me bro. Thank you for staying on my ass. That's the type of team that I am proud to be a part of. It's been disappointing for me to see just how much progress I lost during those few months away from the group. That in combination with the stuff outside of HVA really had me in a shitty place. I would never show it at camp but you guys really helped me through some rough shit over the last 8 weeks. I love you guys. Thank you for being there and growing with me."

"Definitely love that we get to use more equipment. And I’m looking forward to keep using more! I wish we have more days of camp!"

"Loved the experience no matter how difficult it was for me I felt like I was in a safe and friendly atmosphere and at the end of the day it made me feel great completely every session we’ve had so far."


"The April camp was absolutely amazing. Great people, great workouts but better results. This was my first camp but certainly not my last. Count me in for May!"


"I was very unsure how I would like this camp and I am so glad I signed up. The non stop intensity of the class and all the encouragement from other people makes you push yourself. All in all this camp is awesome and I look forward to attending more."


"April camp was awesome! This was a really fun way to kick off the weekends. Looking forward to more this summer."


"Love love love this class."


"Love the support and motivation! It’s made me for more comfortable beginning this process."


"I think this camp is great! So challenging and I love that you’re okay with modifications. Can’t wait for the day that I don’t need them! I have nothing to compare to for the camp but so far loving it."


"It’s always a good time working out with the HVA Family, and I really enjoyed the extra challenges!"