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What Are Team Workouts?

Team Workouts are strategically designed to provide your team with great workouts that are challenging, fun & engaging! These workouts are sure to bring out the most of your athletes and will have them working together to get through them. These will help in maximizing your season outcome and potential.

Why Are Team Workouts Important?

Team Workouts are important because they demand everyone's buy in and full effort. The process is going through adversity and difficult scenarios to ultimately have them come out stronger. With speed & strength training, combined with sport specific work, great strides will be made and progress towards your goals.


Our Team Workouts Approach!

Workouts are created to push the limits of your athletes and serve as an aid to your coaching to create a well-rounded and complete program for them. You have heard the phrase "bigger, faster, stronger" and more often than not, those athletes and teams come out on top. We will help your team prepare for the season both physically, but mentally as well. We implement workouts that promote collaboration, communication, commitment & problem solving. We will work with you and  help get your athletes to their highest peak performance level so they can reach optimal success. We use a variety of equipment such as resistance bands, medicine balls, agility ladders, reaction balls & sand bags to create high level research based results.

Benefits of Team Workouts!

  • Increase speed & agility

  • Increase strength, endurance & aerobic capacity

  • Brings out the best within your players

  • Instills hard work & commitment throughout the team

  • Creates a healthy competitive environment

  • Boosts team comradery

  • Inspire, motivate & encourage players

  • Strengthens communication among team members

  • Works on problem-solving abilities

  • Embraces adversity & how to overcome it

  • Stimulates a higher level work ethic

  • Grind together so they can shine together

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