The Year of the Coronavirus

What a crazy time we’re going through right now! From my perspective, I see 3 different scenarios that are happening:

1) Quarantine “15”

2) Quarantine “Lean”

3) Quarantine “In Between”


This person is stuck indoors and is using that to validate their poor nutrition and lack of exercise. They are gaining between 15-20lbs and their habits are negatively impacting their health and wellness. Many individuals are falling into this category unfortunately.


This person is taking advantage of this difficult time to take a close look at their nutrition, is forming healthy habits and is finding creative ways to exercise and make progress on their fitness goals. They are losing body fat and gaining lean muscle. There are very few taking advantage of this challenging time.


This person wants to use this tough time to address their health and wellness, but is unsure how to go about it. They are thinking about their nutrition and want to be more active, but are confused on how to make it happen. Many individuals fall into this category.


Be honest with yourself and pinpoint which “person” you are during this challenging time! It’s nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of. If it was easy, everyone would be getting “lean” and making progress on their health. If you want to address your health, wellness and fitness and you want some guidance, check out Hudson Valley Ambition! We have a ton of free resources you can use to help jumpstart your efforts. Subscribe to receive your 15 healthy & tasty recipes! Read our blog for articles that can help motivate you and guide you into making better and healthier decisions! Don’t allow yourself to validate your unhealthy habits and decisions and blame it on the coronavirus. Be stronger than your excuses! Make progress today!

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