Q: Where do we meet for class?

You will receive a weekly schedule so you know where to go! The 5 main sites are 

1) Waterfront

2) Rotary Park

3) Kingston Point Beach

4) Cornell Park

5) Hasbrouck Park

6) Gallo Waterfront Park

Q: What do I need for class?

A: You should bring a water bottle and a positive attitude! Our hands may be on the ground and other obstacles at times and our bodies may be on the grass, sand, etc. so be prepared and wear an old shirt! You may want to wear gloves in the winter!

Q: Do we workout rain or shine?

A: We workout year rain, shine or snow! If it's unsafe (thunderstorms) we will reschedule to the following day, do a "double session" the following class, or you many join a different class that is offered during the week. If necessary the workouts for the week may be pushed back a day!  Please dress for the weather!

Q: What if I can't keep up?

A: The workout is mainly short route running with frequent stops for muscular strength/endurance, HIIT and Circuit training. If you move at a fast pace, a slow place or place in between, you will be transforming your body and getting the workout of your life! We have a "no team member" left behind policy!

Q: I think I'm in pretty good shape, will Boot Camp help me?

A: Yes! The exercises and routines we use are challenging to all levels of fitness. More specifically, total body exercises are used because they are physically demanding. Most people who are already in shape usually go to a gym, use the exercise machines and work their muscles in isolation. When “in shape” folks do a Boot Camp program, they work large muscle groups and are equally challenged as the person who’s less fit. The result for the “in shape” person is an even higher level of fitness, both cardiovascular and strength.

Q: What if I miss a session?

A: It is important that everyone makes a real effort to not miss a class! All anyone can do is try his or her best to make every Boot Camp session! Missed classes are not refunded as you are paying for a 8 or 12 workout sessions per 4 week boot camp! Classes do not carry over to the next camp. Hold yourself accountable and come to everyone! If you miss a class for an unforseen reason, you can jump in a different session to make it up!

Q: Is there a place to store my stuff?

A: Since we are an outdoor boot camp, we do not have a storage area. Please show up with minimal items, only ones described above. You may put your cell phone and/or keys in the HVA Van!

Q: How long does the boot camp run?

A: Each boot camp lasts 4 weeks in duration for a total of 8 or 12 fat burning, muscle building & toning classes! 


Q: What happens after the 4-week Boot Camp ends? Can I repeat or continue Boot Camp on an ongoing basis to improve my fitness or stay in shape?

A: Yes! Boot Camp is not necessarily a one-time experience, but rather a fun, challenging and rewarding way to exercise. For the average boot camper, it will take many 4-week programs to reach their fitness goals. All campers are encouraged to continue with Boot Camp and build upon the results achieved from each 4-week program. Almost 100% of campers continue on with the next camp!

Q:  What if I don’t like it?

A: We expect that you will LOVE our Boot Camp and we will deliver the best, outdoor workout you've ever experienced! Boot Camps are 4 weeks programs, so the time will pass quickly and we encourage you to stick with it and finish it. Due to the supportive environment, it’s rare when someone does not go through the whole program. However, anyone who does not love his or her Boot Camp experience will be allowed to convert unused sessions to an equivalent online training experience.