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Young Men's Academy

Dear Parents,

As your sons transition into adolescence, it becomes increasingly important to provide them with the guidance and skills necessary to navigate the challenges of becoming responsible, confident, and successful young men. Our Young Men's Development Program is designed to equip these young males with the essential tools they need to grow into leaders in both their personal lives and in the real world. Through our program, your sons will learn critical life skills, including problem-solving, effective communication, entrepreneurship, and mastering their mindset. These abilities are not only fundamental for personal growth but also for future success in education, careers, and relationships. Enrolling your sons in this program will empower them to become well-rounded, self-assured individuals who can contribute positively to their communities and the world.

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Why Young Men's Academy? (YMA)

YMA  is committed to provide preventative care & recovery services to our local athletes & community. Our unique modalities are based on science-based research & are proven to help keep you healthy, active & in the game!

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Our services only need approximately 20 minutes to deliver adequate & beneficial recovery value. Athletes can come in before school or after practice.

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Our recovery techniques are safe and focused to provide the best care & results. Modalities are gentle & evidence based.



We focus on bridging the gap between workouts & physical therapy. We aim to keep you in the game & doing what you love!


What Are The Benefits Of YMA?

Reduce Inflammation

Prevent Injuries

Decrease muscle soreness

Repair your body

Promote blood circulation

Decrease recovery time

Increase workout output

Resevere Your Son's Spot Now!
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Why Does My Son Need YMA?

Between practices, games, travel & workouts, there is simply not enough time spent on proper recovery. All of the benefits of muscle recovery will translate to better results, better game play & an increase in health & longevity. When your body is able to recover more quickly, you can train harder, train longer, decrease fatigue & muscle soreness. This will lead to better all around athletic results!

Resevere Your Son's Spot Now!
(Limited Spots)

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How Does Membership Work?

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Choose your membership type

Book your appointments in our scheduling calendar

Arrive 5 minute early to your session & enjoy

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Are You Ready To Let Your Son Develop Into The Young Man That You Know He Can Be?!

If you're ready to prevent injuries & start maximizing your potential, click the button below to try our muscle recovery services for free! Don’t let soreness or injury have a negative impact on you ability to perform at your highest level

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