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  • What is the Savage Over Average Challenge?
    The Savage Over Average Challenge is a 12-hour event that will test you both physically & mentally. It will inspire you, force you to push past your limiting beliefs & begin to level up your life.
  • Who is the Savage Over Average Challenge for?
    If you’re someone who wants more out of life. You want to unleash your greatness. You want to maximize your potential. You’re tired of living an average life & you want to flip the switch into SAVAGE mode and become the 2.0 version of yourself…this challenge is for you!
  • What is the Age Requirement?
    18 and older
  • Where Is The Challenge Located?
    Downtown Kingston, NY. When you join, you’ll be sent the specific details you need.
  • What Is The Investment?
    Early Bird Before 8/15 One Payment of $350 (Save $30) Two Payments of $190 After 8/15 One Payment of $400 (Save $30) Two Payments of $215
  • The Investment Is High, Not Sure If I Can Afford It?
    You’re right. The investment is too “high” because you’re thinking too SMALL. If you want to do BIG things and move the needle in your life, you need to invest in yourself so that you give yourself the power to outgrow your 1.0 self & transform into your 2.0 self.
  • What Gear Do I Need?
    Backpack, water bottle, extra pair of sneakers, 2 pair of socks, change of clothes, towel
  • Do I Need To Train For This 12-Hour Challenge?
    Yes. I highly recommend you train and prepare yourself for this challenge. You will be performing many different physically demanding tasks. You will be tested physically & mentally and will come out with a newfound level of grit, passion & purpose. You’ll also receive a training & nutrition guide when you join to help prepare you.
  • Are Spectators Allowed?
    No, spectators are not allowed.
  • How Do I Get Started?
    That’s the easiest part. To start pushing your boundaries to what is possible if you apply yourself & commit. Click the button below! There will be a limited number of spots for this challenge. It’s time to overcome any mental obstacles holding you back. It’s time to push past any current boundaries that exist. Time to establish a new level of toughness & grit. Time to level up your mindset!
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